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We started this week with a bang,

 we had a lovely saddle ride in the round yard. I was so surprised as she had had 4 days off but Waratah seemed to be ready. Things I found during in the ride. Was she was incredibly ready and relaxed. All her front end hind and forwards communication was already there, due to the work we have done on the ground and bare back. Her hind is still weak with the extra weight of saddle and me, so the next few weeks will be all strengthening riding to ensure she develops for EQUITANA. Last, I love brumbies once you have their trust they give you their heart.

This week we were set to go on our QLD Clinic tour so we needed to have WARATAH  float loading in the gooseneck well. With her new found confidence this took all of about 15 mins. She has now been on and off the truck bout 4 times, hopping out at each new showgrounds  and calmly accepting the changes. She was hesitant about going in to the small stalls at first but settled in pretty quick. Waratah even remained calm when there was a motorised scooter zooming past.. Stables with saw dust were a bit scary at first but a bit of a stop, sniff and look she could walk in and relax.

Next week is more riding and her first time at a clinic and first school demo going to be exciting.. can't  wait to fill you all in next week.

Thanks to McDowell, paddock blade, Victorian Brumby Association  and all that makes this competition possible.

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