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We started out the week with waratah being present at one of our horsemanship clinics. She wasn't participating but it was great to see her cope with another new environment. At the end of Saturday she had her teeth done. Wow what a mess I had waited as being an older mare I expected they would be bad, but apart from them being sharp and cutting her cheeks, she also had a displaced wolf tooth sticking into her face. OUCH! Now I feel much better bout riding her and bridling her for the first time.

There was a bit more traveling with two showground stops waratah loading on to the gooseneck well. We had our first school demo this week. The high schoolers were great and Waratah let them pat her, but the primary school kids had far too much energy as they swamped the round yard putting waratah on edge. Trai managed to support her and calmed her down and the rest of the demo went great. Trai even loaded her on the truck by himself.

The rest of the week we rode in the sand arena building on, just walking out, hind and front end turns calmly.. she has had some freak out scooting moments when things have spooked her but she tried hard to listen and come back to me. To be expected with a high instinct brumby but overall she is riding well. Still a bit weak in the loins but hope to keep building on this.  

Next week is massive week with the Equine Action Qld Demo on Sunday at Samford. This means bath time for brumbies and a hoof trim, more traveling, meeting new ppl and more riding.

We would like to welcome aboard DB braiding as our sponsor. They are fitting Trai and I out with new reins for EQUITANA.

Thank you another great sponsor Wendy's dentistry for taking care of Waratah's teeth.

Thank you to McDowells herbal, paddock blade, the Victorian Brumby Association for making this possible.  

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