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Join Emma and VBA Waratah on their journey !

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This week was all about out and about. We started prepping the horses on Saturday.  With baths ect, which to my surprise, Waratah loved.. Then we had the Equine Action QLD demo on Sunday. Waratah had to face generators, flappy bunting, market stalls, loads of ppl, indoor arenas and ppl on the PA. She did great for a horse like her. But towards the end of a long day I could tell she needed a ppl break. (Understandable). Was so great to speak about these brumbies, their process of learning and the Australian BRUMBY Challenge.

Monday was a day off.

Throughout the week there has been a huge shift in relaxation in general.. with WARATAH laying down and having a roll for the first time with me present and laying down to sleep at night. Even though the showgrounds where we are is in the middle of suburbia. Exciting stuff. Sounds small but we are talking bout a mare who’s job it was to watch over the herd for years, and she was vigilant about this roll. We are talking a mare when she first came home walked the fences continuously. To see her relax melts my heart.

The saddle rides are going well, she is relaxed and ok to have me up there. We are still working on basics of strength through the walk and trot. As the foundations are really important.

Next week is Canter and intro to bridle. We have as horsemanship clinic on the weekend to do, then 3 days of traveling. So hoping we get some decent progress still. Am happy that all these different events have got her being able to cope with change and new environments better. Hoping she will be more relaxed at EQUITANA.

We want to Thank DB Braiding for supplying us with beautiful braided purple reins for EQUITANA. Check out their page.

Thank you to Rug Up Horse Wear who kindly has offered to sponsor us by decking the brumbies out in beautiful hand made fitted day rugs and a purple show set for EQUITANA. Amazing!!

Peoples kindness and generosity astounds me!

To see more of Waratah's adventures visit our page.

Thank you to all the members of the Victorian Brumby Association and their sponsors for making this possible.