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Join Emma and VBA Waratah on their journey !

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We started out the week with loads of travel, 1200km with various stops to get home from QLD. Again she loaded and unloaded like a champ and was quick to settle in new places. Last week along with all the other activities WARATAH had to face, I had forgot to mention she seen fireworks and not one but two helicopters. The first little one she was ok with but the last water bomber all the horses freaked at. They both had to land 500mts away on the oval. Due to fires. Very loud..

Back home she had one days rest after travel and some muscle work to help get over the trip. That means 5 days no riding for WARATAH.

  Back into riding the first session I had two keen teenagers to help be lead horse for her. So straight into seeing if she can ride in a group environment. There were few moments where horses coming up behind her made her quicken her stride but all in all was a fantastic first ride back. She seemed to enjoy the other horses support and stride out in front, follow behind or stay in the group with easy. To me with the brumbies it made sense to have other horses support her as she is so used to having a herd for support in the wild.  

Waratah is still learning how to carry a person at a trot and slowly getting stronger. But still at really short sessions. Maximum is an hour. The next few weeks the frequency of the rides will increase so will the difficulty. But for now still building relaxed communication through all the gaits. Really important that it's  not what we are achieving that matters but how she is feeling while we are doing tasks together that matters most to me. These brumbies (well any horse also) why they allow us to ride them and tell them where to go is beyond me. Their willingness is amazing and so humbling. Can't wait for next week.

We want to Thank DB Braiding for supplying us with beautiful braided purple reins for EQUITANA. Check out their page.

Thank you to Rug Up Horse Wear who kindly has offered to sponsor us by decking the brumbies out in beautiful hand made fitted day rugs and a purple show set for EQUITANA. Amazing!!

Peoples kindness and generosity astounds me!

To see more of Waratah's adventures visit our page.

Thank you to all the members of the Victorian Brumby Association and their sponsors for making this possible.