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Join Emma and VBA Waratah on their journey !

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Woo hoo! What a week this mare is going from strength to strength. We started out our week with awesome  trot rides then a big trail ride out down the creek with Trai, Molly and Baby Lucky.  I couldn't believe she handled cars, tar, signs, logs different terrains like a champ. Truthfully to me it seemed like she belonged on the trail, like she felt at home. So defiantly more of that.  Mid week was a combination of strengthening, (with Waratah now strong enough to offer me some canter strides) and heading out on the trail. She is now getting good at drifting and is learning her leg yields better.

The rest of the week we focused on being ok wearing as bridle then basic communication on the bridle, from the ground and on her back.

 It hit me that in 4 weeks this mare who has become my friend is going to be in the Auction. If it wasn't drought we would of been able to keep her. My hope is we have prepared her enough and she finds her perfect human. To anyone interested we have an open door policy, so come meet her, and get to know her. We will forever be available after she goes to her new home also.

Next week we build up to transferring to the bridle. We hope to trail ride more and get some practice in on our obstacles. We have came a long way together and I am in ore of the try in this horse. https://www.facebook.com/dbbraiding/

Thank you to Rug Up Horse Wear who kindly has offered to sponsor us by decking the brumbies out in beautiful hand made fitted day rugs and a purple show set for EQUITANA. Amazing!! www.ruguphorsewear.com.au


Peoples kindness and generosity astounds me!

To see more of Waratah's adventures visit our page. https://www.facebook.com/equality.equine.business/
Thank you to all the members of the Victorian Brumby Association and their sponsors for making this possible. 

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