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Well I can't believe it one more week!!

This week we started off with the usual weekend trail ride 7km of roads and scrub, with beautiful trots, and a canter out with the group.

Waratah got used to riding through heaps of obstacles this week, including a shower curtain, pool noodle, bag of cans, tarps, stock whip cracking, learnt to handle a rope being thrown off her and how to be calm dragging stuff.

We have still had problems with her sensitivity to the flies, so she is wearing a fly mask all the time.

I have made a decision to compete bitless as Waratah seems to be more comfortable.

Hoping we gave prepared her enough for competition!!

Thank you to Rug Up Horse Wear who kindly has offered to sponsor us by decking the brumbies out in beautiful hand made fitted day rugs and a purple show set for EQUITANA. Amazing!!

We also started to use our beautiful hand braided reins from db braiding. Oh and can I tell you I have still got my first set I bought 20yrs ago, which is amazing. But Diana has out done her self as these feel amazing.

Peoples kindness and generosity astounds me!

We have big news with the release of Waratah’s ground work training programme. We wanted to make her journey as transparent as possible so there is over 10hrs of video available for the public. Visit

To see more of Waratah's adventures visit our page.

Thank you to all the members of the Victorian Brumby Association and their sponsors for making this possible.  

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