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Well the journey is nearly over, I cant believe. This mare has captured my heart. From a terrified, fluffy, standoffish, mare with sore weak hind. To a cuddly, reliable, strong ridden mare in 150 days it Humbles me how much she has tried. There is something so special  about building a friendship with a wild horse that is un matched with domestic horses.. and the difference is the level of trusting partnership they return. No matter what happens at Equitana I am grateful to have worked with Waratah for the many lesson she gave me.  It's  not what you get achieved that matters but the level of relaxation in what is done was definitely confirmed. It was so evident that working on friendship first eliminates a lot of other drama.The other thing that has been confirmed to me is how much our care plan is important to the horses. Helping the Mind, body and soul creates confident whole hearted, calm safe horses, this includes pain elimination and focusing on proper care of Feet, teeth, diet, muscles and the emotional state during in the mentoring process.

This week was recapping, and canter leads Waratah has previously been to weak in the hind for me to feel ethical about pushing her to canter, so majority of our ridden work (other then some straight canter on the trail little and bits in the yard) has been at the trot. This week she popped every lead change on cue within the first 5 minutes after warm up!!! Love it. Then we have more obstacles, revisiting float loading and the exciting costume fit out.

I know this mare will find a great home and I know I will bawl my eyes out at the end of the auction but I feel we have came a long way and feel she is set up for a human world.. such a privilege to be a part of the brumby challenge.

Big thank you to our sponsors for their support.

Thank you to Rug Up Horse Wear who kindly has offered to sponsor us by decking the brumbies out in beautiful hand made fitted day rugs and a purple show set for EQUITANA. Amazing!!

We also started to use our beautiful hand braided reins from db braiding. Oh and can I tell you I have still got my first set I bought 20yrs ago, which is amazing. But Diana has out done her self as these feel amazing.

Peoples kindness and generosity astounds me!

We have big news with the release of Waratah’s ground work training programme. We wanted to make her journey as transparent as possible so there is over 10hrs of video available for the public. Visit

To see more of Waratah's adventures visit our page.

Thank you to all the members of the Victorian Brumby Association and their sponsors for making this possible. 

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