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VBA Waratah week 5

 This week Waratah came a head Leaps and Bounds. We worked on putting the halter on which was really a non-event and she accepted it very well. The Next Step was communication on the halter. This is where I help her learn our language. By using her language that already she knows based on her body drivelines, I encouraged her forward and influence her movement really gently step by step. Because she has no fear of me everything flowed very smoothly, all sessions she never got up into her instincts. I love that!

Within the first 20 minute session she had learnt, a hind quarter and front end turns, the start of lunge circles and how to lead forwards. All with being able to be calm and return for rubs after. She is one smart mare my Warrior Princess.

 Next session we actually got to brush out her dreadlocks and brush some of her winter coat out. This is it at Liberty because she was willing to stand there and it was not an issue. Just great bonding time. Most of the week was spent on communication on the halter, with my goal being this to become very fluid through all three gaits.

We also got up to building her bravery by introducing new objects, to my surprise she skipped being afraid and went straight to curiosity. This was amazing to see a once scared jumpy brumby know she could investigate and be brave. Ta king that extra time was worth it!

Next week is all about more communication and being brave, with new things, new tasks (like trimming her feet),new areas, new gear and hopefully a rider.

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