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This week was again a short week, with just being able to get 3 sessions in, but we achieved big things. We covered more of the communication on a halter, with being able to lead out in the big arena and around the obstacle course. The logs and little jumps were easy for Waratah but the tarp was bit scary for a while.

The most beautiful thing happened while we were walking round, I turned to see the whole of my herd following us, walking round the arena too! When we stopped they did and when we went they came. Was amazing!! As it was like they were supporting her. Being an older mare she knows who she is and everyone listens to her but in this instance they knew she was vulnerable and a little unsure so they offered her support. I love how horse herds look out for each other.  

We finished the last session with leg prep being able to rub all down her legs, in prep to help her learn how to lift her legs. She didn’t even flinch. I am proud of this little brumby warrior princess..

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