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The weekend was spent at an event and Monday was a horribly windy day but Tuesday with Waratah we managed to work on feet preparation. I always teach the horses to gently lead from a leg just like a they lead in a halter, as they really understand easy, their forward movement isn't taken away so they never get to the fighting/kicking, or frozen stage and if ever they get caught in a fence they know to stay calm. She did so well that we got go to front feet trimmed within the 30min session.

Wednesday we had adventures outside the arena to help baby Lucky. We had a short cuppa tea break then we headed in the round yard for some intro to new objects. WARATAH  mastered the fake grass looking at it, sniffing it, then placing all four feet on it. We moved on to the saddle cloth, to start with this was scary, but with some encouragement she became brave, sniffing, chewing then allowing me to rub her with it, rest it on her back and move around. AWESOME!! At the end of session we started a little bit of girth prep. Exciting times!

Thursday started out with some fun liberty work, seeing if we can get this flowing good enough to do liberty in bigger yard. Was all at a walk for now till we can build on that. We did more saddle blanket wearing and rubbing all over, then saddle prep. Usually I allow the horse to investigate the saddle on the ground first, so as they become really ok with it before it goes on their back. Investigate she did, sniffing, licking and chewing it. (Don't worry it is a tuff saddle) it's more important she is playing and curious bout a new thing. That warms my heart. After a break we finished the day with a bit of fence work. This is the way I like to prep a horse so as they get ok with seeing me above them out of both eyes. When I climbed up and sat on the fence,  Waratah was standing way back, I thought there's no way will she come up, but she did! I spent time with her just sniffing my boots and I could only rub her face but she seemed to be able to let down and lick and chew. That was enough of a try for me!

Friday was blowing a gale. We started with our usual bit of connection but this time we were out in the big arena. She was so lovely and willing I haltered her out there..

Then our next usual is the full body brush, I do this for few reasons: 1. She loves to get dirty and is always covered in bits of hay. 2. I think how many times domesticated horses get brushed in their life and I think she needs to catch up. 3. Because she is dropping her winter coat and can't wait to see her summer coat. 4. Because horses bond over mutual grooming and I can tell she loves it as she is always grooms me back.  I also checked how front feet pick up was, she remembered! What an amazing brumby!

Had a short lunch break and the afternoon session was fence work. My expectations were low, as it was really windy but she came in close on the near side, close enough to rub her all down her neck and back. Woo Hoo! She did the same on the off side too. She was looking so relaxed we progressed to putting a leg over and rubbing her. I was so excited to be prepping her for first sit on! She was calm both sides doing this but I haven’t rested all my weight on her yet. If you remember the first few weeks where I mentioned that she kept transferring weight in her hind and I was able to use some muscle work to help her out of pain, since then we have been working on strengthening, and I reckon one more week she will be ready to carry me.

Thankyou to the Victorian brumby association for allowing me to start this mare.

Thanks to McDowells for the herbs her body condition has improved out of site.

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