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Join Emma and VBA Waratah on their journey !

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week 20


This week we worked on strengthening and bravery. I did a sore horse body check and found her shoulders quite sore.  Because she hadn't  been using her hind properly for a long time she was over using her shoulders. So more body work. I love EMMETT therapy. We achieved trimming her back hooves awesome!

 Intro to the lunge roller which she did great with.  Then was on to long reining, so she was used to me going in and out of her blind spot.  The main objective being to increase, her core strength and back strength for riding. She did amazing.

We spent times out walking round our local show grounds and things were a bit scary but we made it.

Intro to more new objects like tarps, rugs ect. They are still a little scary but she is getting braver. Also this week she has become brave with other ppl giving her a rub.  Great progress overall.