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Week 9 Vba WARATAH

Wow week 9 already. This week was all about prep for riding. Waratah had time the lunge roller out in the big Arena early in the week. Then we progressed to being able 2 hold my arm over her back and walk along. Next was wearing a saddle she did so well not a buck as all our prep paid off. We did more fence work until she could hold my weight.

This whole process has been a very long journey compared to starting a domesticated horse but with her my biggest concern was I was too heavy and she had a really weak back. From the start I identified that her hind quarter was out and sore. So I have spent the time on helping her heal, strengthen, and I have dropped 10kg of weight before riding her. Fence work was good but I also needed her to move off with me so we went to mounting from the mounting block. First was her being ok with seeing me above her, then it was being able to be leaned on and rubbed, until she could relax and breathe. Then I laid across her, She still had a bit of trouble balancing under my weight but was so calm. Then finally was I able to sit on her and our first ride was calm, relaxed and quite peaceful, she even enjoyed a big scratching. I love it when rides go so well that the horse doesn’t even feel tense and I don’t feel tense and it’s all just a beautiful moment of two different species coming together and understanding each other. It makes the weeks of preparation really  worth it. VBA WARATAH stealing my heart!

Thanks to all who make this possible. 

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