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Join Flinders and VBA Brandy on their journey !

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Brandy is beautiful, she has made amazing progress this first week.
she discovered the joys of being around people.
lots of fresh water to play in.
salt block mineral lick and lots of  hay nets  and a soft bed of straw to rest in,she seems very happy.

day 2 -5.

she learnt to  Face up and come forward to check me out .
she responded quickly to the click and treat and now loves carrots and  ear  rubs cheek rubs and forelock rubs.
next I was able to halter her, it went so smooth ,followed by brushing all over and rubbing down her legs .
she will pick up her near fore now.

 day six. 

I moved her back end from left to right then she started to step forward with me and I continued  to lead her up and down the stall.
then I opened the gate and took her out to munch on grass .