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WEEK 20: My last update on my amazing journey with V.B.A Brandy. This week I have been training for my freestyle and going back over floating etc. I am presently giving Brandy a few days of rest doing the things she loves grazing and sleeping in the sun. My reflections from wild to wonderful. Thinking back to the first time day arriving at Colleen’s Brumby Junction so so excited to see what my Brumby would look like a little bit nervous of what was to come and of the 150 day commitment. We arrived back unloaded Brandy into her new home and we were amazed as Brandy wasted no time in getting into the necessities of life hay, water and salt lick. Then began my journey. Being only a young person I know now this is my path I want to make it my career starting and training horses. Working with a wild pony has made me realise how different it is to work with an animal undamaged by human contact and who has their own instincts intact from having to survive in the wild which makes them so much more wise than our average tame horse. Above all I want to thank Colleen for accepting me into the challenge and for all her amazing hard work to make it happen. Secondly I want to thank McDowall herbal treatments for their support and amazing products which I will continue to use. And a big thank you to everybody else involved in this challenge.