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Brandy has settled into her new life so beautifully, just taking everything in her stride she is so interested and learns so fast. We start each day with a nice walk in the bush with three ponies five goats and two whippets,we have stops along the way to graze the fresh grasses. I  started the week leading Brandy and one of the other ponies together now I can lead Brandy and ride bareback on one of the other ponies. In the round pen I started the week working on her feet initially I needed to use the leg rope now she is picking up all  4 feet on touch with me clicking and treating good responses. I have now been able to trim her front hoofs.I have introduced the roller she gave a couple of little bucks to see if she could remove it and then settled  to lunge moving freely forward. I have since added a tarp to it she responds, like "okay what's next"! I have ended   the week with Brandy happy and confident with me jumping on her back and trotting freely left and right around the round pen.

     Weekly Training Updates

Join Flinders and VBA Brandy on their journey !

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