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I have enjoyed this month so much with Brandy.At the beginning  of this week I introduced our light weight wintec saddle to brandy she was happy and relaxed  I then clipped on the tarp that did not worry her  at all. I then continued with lunging her working to keep her on the end of my line  I realised I needed to  work more on moving her shoulders knowing that I need to make my foundations solid before taking the next step. She is now confident taking the weight off the shoulder and side passing away from pressure. Her right side has been more difficult so I settled for lifting and holding her leg up first just for a moment slowly making it longer, now at the end of this week she is understanding and beginning to move off her right shoulder. I have been working in trimming her feet I have now  trimmed her hind feet with her just standing placidly on her own in the middle of the round pen. I worked on Brandy's manners with taking the  treats. One 10 minute  session established her looking away and waiting for the treat to arrive.

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