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Join Flinders and VBA Brandy on their journey !

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 We have spent this week cementing all the ground work skills to prepare Brandy for work  under saddle. She is now happily side passing to the left and to the right. I have been working on her lightness in response to flexion and her response to soft pressure in transitions. Brandy had her  first  lesson on being tied up she tested the  rope a few times but each time walked forward quickly to release the pressure. Now I tie her up each day to groom her and saddle her  and she stands happily. Another first for this week was taking Brandy on her own for a street walk she had to pass  green bins out for collection, negotiate little bridges across gutters and driveways, golfers out on the golf course, cars and trucks, a motorbike and a bicycle and cope with dogs barking as she was walking by, she took it all in her stride in Brandy style.