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Grace and Rafiki - Week 1

I can’t believe it’s already been a week! The time little Raf and I have spent flown by with a blink of an eye. He’s made so much progress this week he has made me a very happy trainer. I discovered that he loves his food more than anything, but I guess most horses do!

Goal this week: To get him comfortable around me and not stressed about people and animals hanging around his yard.

 Things achieved this week:

  • Since day one he has been snickering and coming forward for his food, eating a biscuit of hay eat straight out of my hands.
  • Becoming braver every day, letting me come really close, but not touching.
  • Pawing and sticking his head through the panels of his yard are his ways of showing he’s uncomfortable about something.
  • He had Thursday and Friday off which seemed to make the world of difference, he was heaps better yesterday, spent a few hours with him yesterday and he responded so well.
  • I’ve begun desensitising him with a rope, throwing it at the ground close to his feet, and sometimes onto his legs, he was a bit unsure at first but by the end he couldn’t have cared less.
  • He reacts strongly to new things by spinning and going the other way, but repetition helps heaps with him learning that new things won’t hurt him.

Goal for next week: More desensitising with the rope, switching to a pole after that to get him used to being touched, then hopefully touching him by the end of the week.

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