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Grace and Rafiki - Week 10

First off, apologises for no week 9 update. With the horrible weather and then me getting sick, I didn’t get to do anything with Raf. But a week off didn’t seem to bother him as much as me, not going backwards in his training and remembering everything I’d asked!

This week I’ve really been focusing on float training, specifically the ramp. We’ve been having a little trouble when first approaching the ramp. He wasn’t afraid, but this was where his stubborn streak shows through the most. I had made it my goal this week to get him up the ramp smoothly, and now another boxed ticked!

We have perfected an in-hand trot! In the past weeks Raf has trotted a little down the driveway a couple of times when I just got caught up in the moment, but this week I’ve really pushed him. He’s such a cutie! He had a couple of bucks and kicks, but apart from that he’s been perfect!

When Mum brought home a really big square of silver bubble wrap from work, I couldn’t help but to lay it out for the horses to walk over. I mean, that’s what it was for (I think). The reaction from Raf surprised me a lot. I’d never even walked him over a tarp before, let alone a really big sparkly thing, but he just glanced at it then walked over it like it wasn’t even there. He didn’t mind the fact that it crinkled and popped under his feet, though he did mind that it hid some good grass underneath it!


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