Grace and Rafiki - Week 11

This week for Raf hasn’t been spectacular for him, although he’s had a couple of firsts and lots of thinking time. He is the type of horse that needs to think and process what I have asked.  Lessons are repetitive to let things sink in, so I’ve been trying to adapt to his way of taking things in.

He isn’t very confident in himself, as he is always looking for someone, horse or human, to look after him until he’s confident enough to be independent. Once he is confident enough, he is absolutely amazing in what he can do!

This week I’ve really been focusing on floating again. I’m sorry I know it boring to read about! But I’ve really focused on his floating to build his confidence.  He was struggling to deal with being in the float alone, so I’ve brought back into my training a buddy horse, which he relies on a lot to build his confidence for a lot of things, especially in the float.

We have made progress! He walked up the ramp straight away now, and is much more relaxed around and in the float. He stands with the breaching bar across and me not in the float but with a buddy horse instead, and he’s completely relaxed.

He had his first wash this week. That was, well, interesting. He’s definitely not a water horse! He was a little freaked out about the water from the hose, and he kind of dug the lawn up a little, but we won’t tell Dad that. But after the first couple of minutes, he cocked his hip and enjoyed a good scrub.

All in all, this week has been a good week for Raf. I hope to get him up to floating by Friday, then he can have a whole week to think about things while I go get a tan at the beach!

Apologies for no current picture, I completely forgot the about that part!  However the picture of my three horses hanging out is pretty cool.  VBA Blondie (Left), Maggie (Middle) and VBA Rafiki (Right)


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