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Grace and Rafiki - Week 12

Raf has had an awesome week this week! He has had a few days off, but that’s done more good than bad. He hardly ever goes backwards in his learning, I’ve forgotten to worry about not doing anything with him! He has really improved with his floating and he has gotten so much more confident, and everyday he’s getting sweeter and sweeter.

He has really been relying on Maggie, the buddy horse he’s been working with, and she’s helped with his confidence. He’s much more relaxed in the float, so we’ve been able to get him standing in there with it fully closed up for quite a while. Maggie’s really been showing the way for him, so now he’s shining. Hopefully when I get back he’s remembered everything so I can take him for a drive soon!

Raf had his first birthday on Monday! He didn’t seem to care, but I certainly did! My boy is growing up too fast for my liking!

A nice long walk was needed on Wednesday, so we went on a long walk around the cow paddock and up on the dams. Now he walks through water without too much o and trots around beside me for a while until he decides he’s tired.

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