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Grace and Rafiki - Week 15

This week has been full of firsts as well as revisiting. All of it he coped with really really well. Once he’s shown something, sometimes it takes a little while, but once he understands it, he really grabs on to it, and I think that’s really going to help him in the future.

As I said in last week’s update this week I wanted to teach him lunging, and that exactly what I did. It didn’t take him long to get the idea, although it was a little difficult at first to keep him from coming into me, but we got there in the end. It think lunging will be good for him when he’s in a small yard or stable, it gives him a way to let all his energy out.

I’ve been mucking around with all kinds of objects this week. I had out the tarp, but instead of him just walking over it, I had him stand under it while it flapped in the wind. I threw a ball all around him and rolled it off him, and put a ratting hula hoop around his neck and walked him around with it on. Just all kinds of random stuff to get him used to strange things. He dealt with it all so well, he didn’t really give any of it a second thought.

On Sunday Mum and I took both the yearlings up to pony club. They weren’t fazed at all by yards, sheds, arenas, people, dogs or anything. They were so well behaved and made many friends that day. They stood calmly while we spoke about the challenge and when cones, tarps, stuffed animals and exercise balls were brought out for a ‘challenge’, they were honestly more interested in eating sand than caring about the brightly coloured things. The people at pony club were amazed at the way they dealt with everything. ‘I can’t believe how quiet they are for such a young age’ was the comment said a lot. Even when I thought they would react to clapping and whistling, they stood like rocks. They both loved a good cuddle from everyone, and my friends Emma and Sian took them for a walk around the arena and they were so good.

I am so happy with Raf this week, it really made me feel good when all my hard work has paid off, and his behaviour at pony club was the result. I hope to build on that over the next week while working on my final for EQUITANA.

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