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Grace and Rafiki - Week 16

What a week. Where do I begin? It’s been a good week for Raf, lots of achievements. With only 37 days left of the challenge I’ve started to work on my final, and with mums help Raf looks pretty smart in his almost finished costume.

On Monday, we had out Warren, from Cobe Lodge come out to trim the yearling’s feet. Raf was a little unsure about the whole idea about a stranger touching his feet, but by the end he stood calmly for long enough so Warren could finish his hoof with ease.

Through the week, we just revisited the things we hadn’t done in a while. I took Raf out for a walk in the cow paddock, and just the general tying up, brushing etc. But on Friday, for something new we had Kylie from Kylie Roberts Health and Wellbeing come out and show us some awesome massages and relaxation techniques. She discovered that Raf has some sore muscles along his back, so some of our bonding time this week has been loosening those muscles and practicing the massages. He really enjoys this, he cocks his hip and falls asleep in about 5 seconds. A huge thank you to Kylie.

Sunday we just mucked around a little with Rodney, a blow-up green goat, and Rafs hula hoop. I ended up taking off his lead rope and letting his do as he please with his favourite toys, which he loved the idea of. He was very happy to chew on his hula hoop and watch the world go by. Occasionally he would come over to check it was still ok to be away from me, and follow me around, but then he would wonder back over and play with his toys.

Raf has become sweeter and sweeter every day. I can remember how stand-offish he was at the start of the challenge and I love seeing how far he’s come. From running away from me to coming up first for a pat, and standing around for ages having a cuddle. He’s definitely making it harder for me, knowing that the challenge will be over soon and I won’t get to see him every day, but I definitely try to make the best of the time I have left with the little guy.

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