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Grace and Rafiki - Week 17

The best week ever! Some big challenges have been crossed this week, and Raf dealt with them like an absolute champion. I need towork a little more on float loading in future weeks, but travelling and everything else we did was achieved without much difficulty.

Ive been working more on the massages that Kylie Roberts from Kylie Roberts Health and Wellbeing showed Mum and I last week, as they help Raf relax and loosen up his muscles when his stressed or when he’ll be a bit stiff after being in a stable. He seems to really enjoy them and will nod off in about 30 seconds.

Mum and I took the yearlings off to the Elmore Events Centre for an overnight stay and show to get them used to stables and horses and people moving around. Raf coped with it all so well, he was a little stressed about the whole stabling thing at first, but once I gave him a massage and a brush, he calmed right down and was happy to watch horses and people to go past. As they were under a big shed, everything echoed, so it was really good for them to hear all the loud noises, like trucks and cars pulling up under the shed.Raf was really good overnight, and for the show the next morning, he was awesome, just calmly watching the action. The rings were inside a big shed, but he wasn’t fussed at all. He walked straight in and stood in there watching the Clydesdales and Friesian stallions jump around for a good half hour.

The float trips up and back went really well. Apart from a little hesitation at the ramp, which I’ll work on in the coming weeks, He travelled and backed off really well. He’s better with a buddy, but for now I’m happy to float him with a buddy until he’s 100% confident in himself to go alone.


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