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Grace and Rafiki - Week 18

We had a pretty lazy week this week. This week was about showing Rafa little of what he might face at EQUITANA. I’ve started to put him in a smallyards for a few hours to get him used to a stable again. He copes with it perfectly fine, although I do get lots of snickering and a nose through the panel every time I walk past.

We bought Raf a light cotton rug this week. He doesn’t really care about it being on, although he was a little unsure about this big white thing being put on him at first, but I spent a little time in the paddock with him showing him it was ok. He was fine with it, though Cracker definitely didn’t like the fact that her Raf didn’t smell like Raf. She was pushing him around and chasing him around the paddock for ages. If he can put up with her, then he can put up with anything!

Next week I hope the weather is a lot better than this week so I can spend a lot more time with him than I did this week, I  need to finish off my final and I hope to work on floating some more, as he’s a little funny going up onto the ramp.

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