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Grace and Rafiki - Week 19

What the most amazing week we had! We had great weather finally making an appearance, I could finally go out with the horses

Monday I took Raf around to show him some of the obstacles that he hadn’t seen in a while. He didn’t even look at them and was more focused on the green grass beyond it. I also lunged him for the first time in a few weeks. He was better than ever. I thought that he would’ve ‘forgotten’ what lunging was, but I was mistaken. He walked, trotted over a jump and even had a little bit of a canter.

We washed him on Wednesday, and WOW. He’s still a little unsure of the water at first, but he settled down and enjoyed a good scrub in the end. I cannot believe how good he looks. His coat is so so shiny now that he’s been wearing his rug at night. As well as being shiny he has gained a little more weight, so now he is really well muscled and proportioned. I’m really happy with how he looks, and even though he’s a bay, if I saw him about and about, he’d definitely catch my eye.

Saturday morning, Mum and I took the yearlings to our sponsor Sandhurst Stockfeed for a meet and greet. It was awesome to see him totally relaxed around strangers and weird things like farming equipment. He even didn’t care about a newly gelded horse running about at the back. After the meet and greet, we went to the Bendigo showgrounds, to show them around the stables and oval there, it turned out there was a car and bike show on, but Raf wasn’t worried at all about Harleys roaring past and loud car engines echoing in a big shed. The only thing he was slightly worried about was the concrete gutter, but he was worried for about 3 seconds before he saw grass and stepped on it. Lastly we floated them to the bush near home and went for a relaxing walk. By the time we got home poor Rafs mind was blown.

We need to work a little more on the floating, as the more he went on and off, the harder it was to get him back on. So Sunday, that’s just what we did. Once he’s on the ramp, he’s ok, and he’s fine travelling, but every now and again he decides that he doesn’t want to go in the float, and he’ll dig his toes in. I place the rope over his back and he’ll jump straight up, but I feel like every time I get him up on the ramp, and reward him, as soon as he gets off the ramp it’s like a blank slate. But sometimes he’ll go on, off and back on so easily. Confusing, right?

My final is finally coming together, the finishing touches of his costumes were added today, and mum made me run around the paddock until we got my pattern down pat. She’s lucky I don’t mind going for a run. I’m super excited to show off what Raf can do in front of thousands of people, and showing them how amazing he really is.

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