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Grace and Rafiki - Week 2

What a long week! Raf has made some amazing progress, it’s like his turned into a completely different horse. At the start of the week I reintroduced the food, and that broke down heaps of barriers. I switched back to the soft pole and it took him a couple of days to let me touch him with it, then today he let me give him a pat with my hand on his head, neck, shoulders and ears for an hour!

Goal for this week: To give him a scratch all over with the soft pole, then to be able to give him a pat without him running away.

 Things achieved this week:

  • His confidence grew a lot with food. He started coming up straight away, looking for food, coming really close and sniffing me.
  • He looked for a lot of guidance from mums challenge horse (VBA Starbright) earlier in the week, and that helped his confidence grow heaps.
  • He likes to be face-first for things, he doesn’t like people on his sides much, but I have been working more on his sides and he’s getting heaps better
  • Lightbulb moment! On Thursday he finally let me touch him with the soft pole. It’s like he finally realised that I wasn’t going hurt him, and he turned from a horse that was running around his yard to get away from the pole to one that wouldn’t move except to move the pole to a better position for a scratch.
  • His first real pat! While scratching him with the soft pole I moved my hand up until I was scratching his neck. Then I moved around to his head and gave him a pat on his star. After that he was in heaven! I stood out there for about an hour patting his front half all over, including giving him a good ear rub!                

Goal for next week: To be able touch rub him all over with my hand and to then get a halter on him and start to teach him to lead.

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