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Grace and Rafiki - Week 20

This week has been a bit slow and I hadn’t gotten him out much. I didn’t touch him for most of the week, but on Friday, I got him out and tied him up, then took him over to give him a bath ready for the Echuca Agricultral Show. He was a little funny still about being washed, but he was a lot better than he had been. He stood relatively still while washed him, but when I tied him up again to let him dry, that’s when he really started to fool around.

With all our horses as we get them ready for shows, once we wash them, we let them have a pick of grass before tying them up and braiding everything to keep it clean. Raf was fine with the eating grass part, what horse wouldn’t? But when I tied him up he was feeling a little fresh. He never did anything bad, but he did scoot his hind end around a little before settling down and finally letting me braid his tail.

He wore a tailbag for the first time Friday night, and he couldn’t of cared less. Early Saturday morning Mum and I loaded the yearlings up and went on an hour drive to Echuca. When we unloaded at the show, poor Rafs eyes were bulging out of his head. But once he just stood and looked at everything, he calmed right down and was his old gentle self. We showed the yearlings around, then they went under a big shed where we gave them some food and a brush. There was no pressure to be at a class at the right time, so to give the yearlings a first good experience at a big event, Mum and I went calmly about our business. We made it to the brumby classes with time to spare, and it was so amazing to see that all my hard work with Raf paid off, coming away with Champion Led Brumby.

He was really warming up to people at the show, something he struggles with a lot. He was so chilled with all the massive horse moving around and all the rides and screaming kids in the background. When he come home though, the poor thing was so tired he curled up and went to sleep for hours. I am super happy with him and the way he performed and behaved at the show, I even let him have Sunday off ;)

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