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Grace and Rafiki - Week 21

Wow the last update for the challenge. I can’t believe this is it. 147 days ago I picked up this scruffy, scared little gelding who would take any chance to turn his back end to me. But now looking at him, a big strong gentleman, this is the best thing I’ve ever done.

This week I finally figured out how to get Raf straight up into the float without baulking at the ramp first. I tried sending him up instead of getting him to follow me, and Raf seems to respond to that so much better. In the end I surprised myself with getting him to be able to self-load, then have me walk out of the float and have him back out on voice command. After that I tied him to the float, he stood really well, apart from not being able to see Cracker but being able to hear her upset him a little, but not enough for anything bad to happen

I’ve worked a little more on my final, and I’ve gotten most of it figured out (I hope). I got the finishing touches of his costume while I was in town today and boy does he look good with it on! If all else fails, at least he’ll look good while doing it!

We had Warren from Cobe Lodge come out again to trim the yearling’s hooves. Raf was so much better than the first time. He was still a little wary of Warren at first, but he stood super still and was really cooperative. There was no running away, just a stiff neck to begin with but he soon relaxed and even allowed Warren to get a pat.

I’m so proud of him and myself for being a part of this challenge. This wasn’t called the Australian Brumby Challenge for nothing, but it was all worth the wait, seeing him now as he runs around the paddock, I know that one day he is going to make some kid really happy, and could take that kid to the next level in any discipline, and I can’t wait for that day to come. A huge thanks to the Australian Brumby Challenge and Colleen and Dave O’Brien for giving me this opportunity to do the challenge and being the youngest trainer to do it. I definitely recommend this challenge to anyone and everyone who is up to it, you never know, you might just find your new best friend for life.

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