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Grace and Rafiki - Week 3

This has been the best week yet!  Raf has been surprisingly brave, having a go at everything I’ve thrown at him, accepting everything like he’s been doing it for years. He has become more trusting with me, letting me see more and more of his personality every day. If he was unsure about anything, he would creep around so he was behind me so I could protect him, but then follow me towards the scary thing, as if to say, ‘if you can do it, I can’

Goal this week: To be able touch rub him all over with my hand and to then get a halter on him and to start leading him around the bigger paddocks.

 Things achieved this week:
* Rubbed him all over with my hand without the soft pole – loves an ear rub!
* He has had a halter on and off since Wednesday, at first he wouldn’t let me put it on from his near side, only his off side and front on, but now I can put it on from wherever.
* He yielded to pressure with the rope around his neck well, I did this for a couple of days, until he realised that if he dropped his head the rope would fall off. That’s when I clipped a lead rope onto his halter and began teaching him to lead.

I started leading him around his yard until he was more comfortable with pressure on the lead rope. I got him going forward and back to slight pressure and voice. I felt that his yard was too small to let him really stretch out and learn to respect the rope, so we ventured out into the paddock his yard was in on Friday.

Yesterday we went out onto the driveway and around the carport. He was unsure about seeing the cars and floats, but once I showed him they weren’t scary he was curious about them, and was even brave enough to sniff them.

Today he was a lot braver. We went under the carport, I showed him the car and float, which was out, and then we went over to our obstacle course where he passed with flying colours. We went over logs and poles, around barrels and cones, and finally going backwards between two poles. He was a complete gem the entire time!

Into the house yard! He decided he needed a look in there, so we went through a squeaky gate, over concrete, past the veranda and stood next to the house like he had been there his entire life, and was even brave enough to let my brother have a pat! (Must have thought his cologne smelt nice)

 Goal for next week: To start to float train him and getting him used

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