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Grace and Rafiki - Week 4

This week has been a bit slow, and I haven’t made as much progress at I would’ve liked. Because of school going back and the bad weather, I haven’t had much time to do things with Raf, which is unfortunate, I guess you have to make the best of what you’ve got hey? But from the time that I have spent with him, I’ve really noticed how far he’s come. He’s let his personality come out more and more every day, and he’s also come to trust me a heap more.

Goal for this week: To get him more comfortable around the rope, then to begin to pick up his feet and give him a really good brush to get all that mud off!

 Things achieved this week:

* He is getting easier and easier to catch out in the bigger paddock, coming up to me and standing relatively well to catch.
* I started to kick a ball around him, he didn’t really like it at first, but got better and better as I showed him it wasn’t going to hurt him, so then he started to chase it around! It also helped him to get used me moving/running around, and to desensitise him a little to strange things.

I gave him a good brush to try and get the mud plastered to his coat off. Underneath all the dirt and knots, there’s a very soft coat. He loves his mane being brushed and a belly rub to finally get all those mud dreadlocks out.

He experienced a lawn mower on Friday. He was a little unsure at first but after a few minutes he couldn’t care less that there was a loud green thing going around.

I have begun to pick up his front hooves with the rope. At first I ran my hand down his legs and gave him a pat to get him used to the feeling of having my hand on his legs. Next I gave him a pat with the rope, then asked him to pick his leg up with the rope around his leg and my voice.
I have started to get him to flex his neck, to work out the stiffness. At first he was a little unsure, but now he knows what I’m asking, he gives his head to me as much as he can without moving his feet.

Goal for next week: To work more on picking up his feet, then start to introduce new objects, like tarps and rugs.

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