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Grace and Rafiki - Week 5

The progress Raf has made this week has been awesome! Although the weather has been horrible and wet, we have both persevered and it’s definitely paid off. He has just been a little angel, having a go at everything I’ve thrown at him, with a good attitude and a spring in his step!

Goal for this week: To work more on picking up his feet, then start to introduce new objects, like tarps and rugs.

Things achieved this week:

* He is coming up to me on his own now, instead of following Mums challenge horse (VBA Starbright) up. He is also hanging around for ages looking for a pat, and I usually end up spending half an hour just out there just giving him cuddles!
* Gave him several super good brushes! I finally got majority of the mud of him, and he loves a really good belly rub! I can brush him all over, including his mane and tail without any fuss.

I’ve been working more on his feet this week, now I can pick up his front feet without him fighting, and next week I will start on his hind feet.

I worked a little more with the ball, he lets me rub him all over his neck and shoulders without him running away, as well as throwing it around near him.

Today I walked over a bridge with him. He was a little unsure at first but once he went over it once he was a complete gem. Once he went over it a few times I began to get him to move his hooves up on the bridge one at a time. We’ve practiced this over a pole before so he got what I was asking for super quick.

I have begun to teach him to yield his hindquarters around. I only have to use the slightest pressure on one side, and he moves perfectly, not running away or anything like that, but on the other side I have to use a little more pressure, but moves just the same.

I have introduced my pony as another buddy for Raf, they get along well enough, but he definitely prefers to stick with mums challenges horse, so I feel a little bad for my pony Maggie, but I’m sure he will appreciate the company when Cracker (mums challenge horse) is taken out of the paddock.

Goal for next week: To begin to show him the ropes of tying up, as well as continuing to work with picking up his feet and yielding.

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