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Grace and Rafiki - Week 6

This week was a little slow to start off with, but towards the end things really started to get going. Raf had a couple of days off this week to give him time to think about things, and he seemed to really appreciate that.

Goal for this week: To begin to show him the ropes of tying up, as well as continuing to work with picking up his feet and yielding.

 Things achieved this week:

Raf had his first couple of tying up sessions this week. He was a little restless, testing the rope a couple of times, pawing and chewing on the rope, but other than that he stood there like an old pro.

I continued to work on his yielding, so now he can yield his front and back super easily.

I’ve been working on picking up his feet without the rope. Today I cleaned out his hooves with a hoof pick and he only shuffled around a little, but otherwise he stood perfectly on his own, with no pressure on the rope, whatsoever.

First time in the float today, and he was just the best. Almost straight up the ramp and right up to the front. He went up in and out of the float several times, each time easier than the next.

We introduced a new horse today, and her, Raf and Cracker (mums challenge horse) seem to get along well enough.

Goal for next week: To continue to work on floating and tying up, then start introducing strange objects to him, like a rug.

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