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Grace and Rafiki - Week 7

This week we didn’t achieve much, it was a bit slow, but Raf never ceases to amaze me with what he does. He’s personality has shone his week, he has changed from not showing any interest unless he has to, to coming up to me from the other side of the paddock and literally sticking his nose into everything I do.

Goal for this week: To reinforce everything I have taught him

 Things achieved this week:

We spent a lot of time in the carport this week, I think this was good for him because it gets him used to indoor places, which will be good for stabling etc. He was a little jumpy for the first five minutes but otherwise being under shelter didn’t worry him.

I have taken him for long walks out in the cow paddock a few times, and he seemed to really enjoy really stretching his legs in a huge open area. He didn’t worry about anything, the cows, other horses or walking close to the dams and up on the dam banks.

Walking through water – definitely not his favourite thing to do. He will avoid puddles as much as possible if he can, but when told to, he walks straight through. Although I must say he is a very nice little jumper, he could make a good cross country horse yet. 

Another corner turned! Raf walked straight up to me on Wednesday from the other side of the paddock, away from all the green grass!

He has become super easy to catch, after Wednesday, so I decided to take off his halter, and I made a good choice! He stands so still while I approach him and give him a pat, and catch him, he continues to amaze me with his attitude and mindset.

Today we attempted more float training, and he was pretty good. Once he has his head into the float, he walks straight up and stands like a pro. He backs up awesomely, better than most horses.

I put a saddle blanket on him, just because I could. He stood with his hip cocked while I rubbed him all over with it, then was completely calm while he walked around with it over his back.


Goal for next week: To continue working in the float and to start to introduce a rug

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