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Grace and Rafiki - Week 8

This week was just awesome! So many firsts and perfections for Raf. He continues to surprise me just how much he can do put up with, and the way he accepts everything so easily! Every week I can just see how far he’s come and how amazing he’s going to be, it’s definitely going to be hard to let him go.

Goal for this week:To continue working in the float and to start to introduce a rug

 Things achieved this week:

* We have been working a little more on tying up without another horse this week, and there are no other words for it other than Raf was just awesome. Apart from a little chewing and pawing at things, he stood like a rock.

* I persuaded Mum to buy a hula hoop this week, so I could throw it around and over him, to get him used to strange noisy things. He didn’t really like it, but after I showed him it wouldn’t hurt he was unsure still but stood there and accepted it.

* More work going onto and in the float! Raf definitely has a stubborn streak when it comes down to doing something he doesn’t want to do! He doesn’t like to go up the ramp at all, but once his head goes in the float he’ll walk straight up and stand there all day. He also backs off like a perfect gentleman, and listens to me the whole way down!

* I put a rug on him for the first time on Saturday, I didn’t really know how that would go, considering that I’d only ever put a saddle blanket over him once to get him used to rugs. I wanted to see how far I could go with the rug, and I must admit, I was extremely surprised at how good he was. For his first time, I got the rug fully covering him and the chest done up and him walking around with it on.

I discovered that I could go for a run and Raf would trot along beside me! We ran all the way down the driveway, and he didn’t play up once. A show pony in the making I think!

Goal for next week: To focus on getting Raf onto the ramp and into the float easier, and continue to work on introducing strange objects.


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