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Grace Varker

Yearling Section:  Non-Professional Trainer

A student at Weeroona College in Bendigo, 14 year old Grace is currently in year 8. Grace has loved horses all her life and attends Rochester Pony Club monthly where she has won the Memorial, Most Improved and Incentive Awards as well as winning various school awards for her horse work.

Grace doesn’t like to have a certain mindset on training horses but is open to new ideas and ways to add to her existing knowledge. She is a kind, empathetic trainer and her young Brumbies have responded well to her methods.Grace is looking forwards to the challenge of the Australian Brumby Challenge as she pushes her skills and knowledge to further her equestrian career whilst securing the future of the young Brumby she is training.

VBA Rafiki

VBA Rafiki is a rising yearling gelding who was conceived in the wild and born here at our Brumby Junction sanctuary after his mother, VBA Zazus capture. Rafiki grew up in a wild herd here and was weaned a month before the Australian Brumby Challenge commenced. Zazu and Rafiki originate from the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. Zazu has been returned to our paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to domestic life, thanks to the support of her sponsor, Jamila Oxley. Young Rafiki will be trained by junior trainer Grace Varker in the Australian Brumby Challenge Yearling division.