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Join Hannah and VBA Aussie on their journey !

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week 20

What a funny little personality Aussie has. I can’t believe it’s only been 8 days since I first got to meet him.

Aussie was very nervous at the beginning when he was separated from his best friend Wizard. I noticed when Aussie was in the yard with Wizard, Aussie spent most of his time hiding behind him, using Wizard as his protective shield against the nasty humans. So when he was separated from Wizard, Aussie was very frightened. This taught me that he doesn’t have a very dominate personality, which I’m grateful for.  The very first time I walked into his yard he ran into the gate, taking a chunk of hair off his face. Poor thing.

Unfortunately, due to being sick for 3 of the 8 days I didn’t achieve as much as I would of liked with Aussie. I’m still happy with our progress over this short period of time. Especially as I have no experience with brumbies nor training a horse from scratch. This is a learning experience for the both of us. 
Below are the things we achieved this week:

Getting use to me being in his space. I did this by sitting in his feed bucket and feeding him his hay out of my hand.
Walk and trot both directions and stop and turn towards me when the pressure is released.
Teaching him about pressure and release, when I took steps towards Aussie, I would step backwards to reward him for staying still. Sometimes when I stepped backwards Aussie walked towards me. To reward him I released the pressure and gave him a long break.
A couple of times I got close enough to Aussie for him to reach out and touch my hand. But he would immediately loose his nerve and run away. Other times he would walk very boldly in my direction, showing a lot of confidence.
I tried to introduce Aussie to carrots by hiding little bits in his feed but he would always leave them behind.

I really hope next week I can get a halter on him, but it will all take time. It’s hard to see that many of the other trainers have progressed a lot more in their first week, but this is our own journey and we are just going to have to learn at our own pace. 

Till next week