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 Week 4:

…and the head collar is on! That was such a tipping point for both me and Aussie. I felt like he really started to trust me, but he is still weary of any sudden moves.

This week I’ve purely worked in creating a friendship with Aussie. Making sure he feels comfortable with everything I do without pushing him to the tipping point. Slowly, slowly he has let me stroke my hands down his face, down his neck and now today allowing me to rub all over his back. Interestingly at the start his left side seemed to be his off side, as he was wearier when touching his left side of his face. But now you wouldn’t even know he had an off side at all. He reacts very much the same on both sides, a little stiffer on his right side of his neck but apart from that very much the same.

The sweetest thing is he will now nicker to me when I call ‘Ozzz-Aussie’ when entering the yards, waiting at the gate a lot of the time.

What I taught Aussie this week:

Teaching him to join up every time he got a fright to come straight back to me
Understanding what a clicker means and when he is rewarded with food
Learnt to stand still when taking the head collar on and off
Stay calm when slipping the neck rope over his ears and down his neck
Patting with both hands at once (This was a big mile stone for Aussie)
Slowly learning to give into the pressure on head collar

It’s been slow progress but I feel as if Aussie is finally starting to trust me. Falling in love with him more very day. His got a real gentle, kind personality with not a mean bone in his body. Not for what I have seen so far J

I have put together a 9 minute video of Aussie’s progress. Might be something you would like to watch. To see video footage of Aussie typing ‘Aussie the Brumby (Part 1)’ into YouTube or use the web link