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The committee of the Victorian Brumby Association would like to announce that Hannah Pikkat, who had been assigned in the Australian Brumby Challenge to train VBA Aussie has withdrawn from the ABC. Hannah has been unable to be consistently available to train him due to some health struggles, Aussie, although he initially blossomed with Hannah's love, had gone somewhat backwards in his learning and was presenting as a confused and stressed Brumby. Hannah was not able to be here with Aussie from week 6 and after her withdrawal, Aussie was given a week in a paddock to distress, but it was very important to return him to training, so that his stress wouldn’t become an established response.

We are delighted that committee member Jenny Boal (a previous Australian Brumby Challenge competitor) has stepped up to continue Aussies training, commencing at the start of week 9.

This gives Aussie the chance to learn and build his confidence again. As a committee member, Jenny will be training Aussie, posting weekly updates and show him at the Australian Brumby Challenge finals event without competing. This will expose Aussie to the training he needs and to help him find his forever home through the finals event at EQUITANA.

We’d like to thank Hannah for commencing this journey with Aussie and honestly assessing her ability to continue it and also Jenny, for stepping in and helping Aussie along through the rest of his journey.

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