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Follow Holley and VBA Bago on their journey!

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This week Bago has been becoming familiar with some of the elements of human life. This has included the large green water trough in his yard, the wheel barrow, camp chair and of course people! This week my focus has been to let Bago settle into his new home and get to know me a little. I have found my self just sitting in his yard reading a book, so he has a chance to look at me and get use to my presence. I have been sticking by my principals which is to let the horse decide the time line and Bago has responded well to this. Bago is keen to get a look at anything new that I bring into the yard and within a minute or so he is sniffing it and exploring it from all angles. 

I have seen large changes in Bago’s confidence with people. When he first arrived if you walked up to the yard he would turn and walk or sometimes trot away. Now he will slowly move closer assessing people from different angles. He has made huge strides after watching myself and my sister work with our own horses. Seeing other horses happy and safe with people seems to have a large effect on young horses. It is similar to when they learn what is safe and what is not from their mothers and the rest of the heard. These experiences have led to my highlight for the week. I had been standing quietly outside the yard with my horse just watching what he was doing when Bago built up the courage to come and sniff my hand through the yard. It was only a short encounter but a very positive one and I feel this is great progress for week one. Next week I would like to have Bago approaching me with more confidence, more frequently and have his confidence at a point where I can touch him, not just him sniffing me.