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VBA Bago week 10 update

Half way!!! Well we are 10 weeks into the challenge and this milestone has caused me to reflect on how far Bago has come. This little guy was quite a shy colt on arriving here, he kept well away from people and disliked touch and movement. Well how far he has come! Bago has blossomed into a curious and friendly horse. He now walks over to see me any time I go out to his yard he has come to enjoy a rub on the neck and face. I can brush him all over and he has overcome his fear of movement. Just ten weeks ago Bago had no experience working with people and the development in this time proves just how trainable these horses are.

This week has had a real focus on getting Bago’s confidence and his trust in me as a leader to a point where in the following weeks I can challenge him and when things begin to feel difficult he knows he can turn to me and I will take care of him. The things we have been working on included rubbing him with my hands all over his body, brushing him any place I can including neck, face, back, hips, belly and working on the legs. I have been using a saddle pad, stick, string and rope to cause him to overcome his fear of movement, throwing them over him until he can trust they will not hurt him. I have also started to work on Bago moving his front and back end away from pressure. His back end is doing well but the front needs some more work.

Next week I would like to start working with some obstacles and continue developing Bago’s yields. I will also start working on the elements of trailer loading, going on, under and between. The first ten weeks have been about getting Bago to trust me and the next ten weeks will be focused on what we will need to get to and get through Equitana.

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