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VBA Bago week 11

This week has had it highs and it lows. At the beginning of the week I decided Bago was ready to go out in the paddock. Just getting to the paddock was an interesting experience. To get from the yard to the paddock meant walking past one very loud barking dog, past other horses in the paddock, walking past another horse getting an injury tended to and going through a narrow gate way. Bago had never been on this part of the property and I was very impressed with how well he handled himself.

Before our first session in the big paddock I was worried that I would not be able to catch Bago in the new considerably larger space, but I found quite the opposite, when I went out Bago saw me and chose to walk over and say hi. This moment made me incredibly proud as he was choosing to be with me. The rest of the session was incredibly positive with Bago going for his first trot in hand and going for a big walk around the paddock.

That was the high for the week now we come to the low. Horses are individuals, have emotions and minds of their own. In what should have been the last session for the week I went out with a bridge for Bago to walk on to start his float loading training. Well the session did not go to plan! Bogo was not in the mood and decided it was way more fun to trot around the paddock than work with me. Usually if I had spent 20 minutes or so trying to get the horses attention, and if I was not succeeding, I would leave my plan for another day, as the horse in not in a state of mind where they are going to learn. However, with the clock counting down to Equitana, and only a few days a week I can spend with Bago I kept going. I used plenty of approach and retreat, tried playing with him, tried blowing on his nose, which he loves, and anything else I could think of. There were many times I thought he had changed his mind and we would get a session in, but then he would turn and trot happily away. By the end of the session I was tired and wet from head to toe because of the rain. To finish off I sat down next to him, just to hang out. Despite being cold, wet and tired just sitting there with him sniffing me lifted my spirits. The day had not been a success and we made no real progress, but you take the good with the bad. I chose to write about this not so successful moment in our training because horses are not always predictable but what all the brumbies in this challenge have achieved over the last 11 weeks is amazing.  

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