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Follow Holley and VBA Bago on their journey!

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VBA Bago week 15

This week has been huge!

To start the week all Bago’s float training was put to purpose when Bago took his first proper trip in the float. While Bago had to travel in the float to get to our property and to get VBA’s sanctuary he had not been led into a float or handled during the process of traveling. This was a very uneventful trip which goes to show that if you have the proper preparation in place the end goal comes with ease. This was a practice run for the trip Bago had to make with my horse Thowra to a clinic in Portland which was about 2 hours drive away. There where many times that I have doubted I would be able to get Bago to the clinic but on Tuesday when we had to leave, after a couple of attempts Bago loaded happily in the float with Thowra and the two of them travel together like old pros.

Once we had arrived at the clinic the first step was to get Bago and Thowra settled in for the next four days, they where let out in a small paddock together and though they had not been paddocked together before they settled in quickly and where both happy to eat and drink in their new surroundings. This time at the clinic has been a great experience for Bago and good preparation for when he stays at Equitana. He also got the chance to see lots of new horses and watch all the people and horses go about their business. Not only did Bago have chance to see an entirely new environment he also had the chance to continue his training. While he was not participation directly in the clinic as it was to advanced for him and included riding I could continue to work with him after we had finished for the day and the instructor Rachel Clarkson also had a play with him, teaching him new skills and pointing me in the right direction. This is a huge help to both me and Bago and I can not thank Rachel enough for her help. During our time at the clinic Bago has had the chanced to be tied for several hours to get his head around the idea, has played with a trap, a big green ball both of which he accepted very well, worked with his feet getting his front ones trimmed and also continued to work on his yields and circling work.

The next few weeks will involve putting as much preparation in place as possible in the lead up to Equitana with the aim of making the event as stress free for Bago as possible. We will also be putting a lot of work into our freestyle and developing some new and exciting skills and of course we will continue to consolidate the skills that we have already developed.