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VBA Bago week 16

The start of this week marked the end of the clinic. On the final day Bago had a few more fantastic experiences. Bago got the chance to follow some cattle around in a yard and be pampered by several people at the clinic, which he seemed to enjoy. He was brushed from head to toe, his mane, beard and ears were trimmed, and he looked much more presentable after the team’s efforts. His back feet were trimmed, and he was turned out in a rug for the first time at the beginning of the week, this is something that has continued as appropriate for the rest of the week. Following all of this it was time to go home. Bago loaded into the float on the first try and stood calmly while we shut it. He stood quietly for the drive home and seemed to be exhausted after the experience. The whole trip was fantastic, and I was very impressed with how Bago handled the whole thing. We have both walked away with lots of new skills and lots to work towards.

After the clinic we worked with an umbrella which is a new toy for Bago. Bago soon got used to this toy and allowed me to rub him with it, hold it above his head and spin it in all different areas of his body. We have also been working on new skills such as two-rein driving and working with a neck rope. Both these skills are fantastic as they help Bago to better understand pressure, no matter where it comes from. This can assist him in a situation such as getting stuck in a fence because he will be able to think his way through the situation rather than panic. The two-rein driving also teaches Bago what it will feel like when someone steering him while riding, so it sets him up for his future.

A lot of thought has gone into what I will do in my freestyle this week, a solid plan is starting to take place and I am looking forward to trying out some ideas and formatting a pattern to music next week. I would also like to give Bago a bath this week if the weather permits, this will be a new idea to the little guy but would help him to lose what remains of his wooly coat.

Bago and I also featured in our local news paper The Border Watch.

Also a reminder that you can follow Bago and I on face book through the link there are lots of extra photos and updates on how we are doing available here.