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VBA Bago week 17

To begin the week Bago and I completed the first goal that I had set for this week, giving him a bath! While the little guy was a bit unsure at first; after some stroking and patience I was able to run water all over him with the hose. This was fantastic as I was able to help him loose some more of his wooly coat as well as get him use to being washed before I get him looking spick and span for horse shows and Equitana.

The next thing we tackled for the week was teaching Bago to be led off my horse Thowra. He stood calmly as I mounted my horse and slowly learnt that leading off another horse was no different to leading on the ground. Soon he was able to walk along next to Thowra with no problems. This is a good thing to do with young horses for a few reasons. Firstly, it continues to teach them to move from pressure in different situations, secondly it gets them used to people being above them like they will be when riding and lastly, young horses can learn a lot from older horses and how they behave so an older experienced horse like Thowra can be a good influence. I will continue to work on this with Bago and teach him to trot when ponied was well. For the end of the session I took Bago for a walk outside the property, like a little trail ride. Nothing in the unfamiliar environment seemed to faze him even when a car drove past us and my brother rode his bike near Bago he stayed calm and level headed seeming more interested in the grass on the side of the road!

This week I have also continued with the two-rein driving that I started last week, we did a little bit of trot but Bago was not completely confident with me running behind him, so this is something I will continue to work on. I also put some extra work into his leading, teaching him to walk by my shoulder and be soft off the rope and read my body language to gauge if I wanted him to walk or trot. This has been very effective and Bago now trots after me without any feel on the lead rope. We have also worked on backing up when he is next to me and I am now satisfied with his skills in “sticking to me” on the lead.

We had another big play session at the end of the week where we worked with a variety of obstacles and skills. Most of these are in preparation for our freestyle at Equitana, but all will help him in his future. Bago has been turned out in the big paddock again since the start of the week, with much more success than last time. I am thrilled to announce that after a full week Bago is still walking up to be caught, despite having a huge paddock and seems to be enjoying his domestic life.

At the beginning of next week Bago and I will be going to our local Ag show, while we will not be competing it will be a fantastic outing for him. This will give him the opportunity to see lots of new horses, lots of sounds he hasn’t heard before and see all the bright colored show rides. So watch for next week’s update to see how we go!    

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