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VBA Bago week 2

 This week Bago’s confidence with people has continued to grow. My main focus this week has been getting Bago to see people as a positive. The main way I have been doing this is through food. Bago will now take hay and grass from the hands of people. If he is feeing super brave I might be able to stroke his nose. Another way I have been making myself a positive thing for Bago is by providing him with company, this can mean just chilling in his yard or letting another horse graze next to his yard. He has also been getting used to other people as my whole family like to talk to him as they go about their daily business. He will now come a lot closer to people and is sniffing them and taking food from them with more regularity. Another new experience for Bago is eating food from his Steady Neddy hay net which has stopped him from plowing through his hay and stopped it from blowing through the yard. I have come to understand that Bago is quite shy and it takes time for him to find his confidence. I have also noticed that he loves the company of other horses and having them nearby causes him to feel much more comfortable.

While I would love to have a halter on Bago next week it is more important to me that when he has the halter on he trusts me, and it is not a stressful situation for him. I feel it is my job to make sure that his trust is never broken, while still encouraging him to try new things. It amazes me that just two weeks ago Bago had never met a person let alone spent time working with one! Whenever I begin to feel like I need to rush things I just remind myself of that. With the school holidays about to begin I am looking forward to having more time to work with Bago and build our partnership.    

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