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VBA Bago week 3

Well Bago experienced a totally new sight midway through this week. After being in the same yard for three weeks and with the recent rain, his yard had become a boggy mess. So it was decided that the yard needed to be moved. Only issue with this was we were going to have to move the yard with Bago in it! Bago watched on with curiosity as we pulled apart yard panels, knocked them over, and walked them around the paddock. Despite all the noise that was made during this prosses Bago stayed calm but a little confused. When it came time to move him into the new half of the yard he had a moment of panic trying to decide where to go but once he made his way through the gap where he was met by fresh, green grass.

Other than the new yard I have been working with Bago by playing a game where I apply a little pressure if he leaves or tries to leave and releasing the pressure when he faces up and walks toward me. This has been working well and this week was the first time that when I walked into the yard Bago chose to come and greet me. He stood about a meter from me then turned around calmly and went back to his hay. This was big progress because he was making an attempt to be with me without any bribery or convincing. At the end of this week Bago was able to stand quietly in the yard while I walked up and reached out to him. He sniffed my hand several times and allowed me to stroke him very softly. I was standing the closest I had ever been to him and for the first time he was choosing to stay rather than make a quick getaway. Progress has been slow, and I was beginning to doubt myself, but each week I can see little steps in the right direction. Now that Bago is happy to stand close to me and stay with me I can begin to introduce some human tools, this is what I will be working on next week and I look forward to seeing how it goes.