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VBA Bago week 5

Well the first thing to note about this week is that Bago has become a master escape artist. Due to the poor weather we moved Bago’s yard so that he could stand behind the water tank for shelter. We had strapped the yard the fence that wrapped around the tank but Bago worked out that if he leans on the panels the elastic straps will give and he can get out of his yard. The first time this happened we where able to bribe him back in with another horse, we re-strapped the yard this time with rope but on Thursday he managed to move it again and make a second escape. As this was clearly not working we moved the yard and by the time you read this he will hopefully be back in it.

With school starting back this week I have had to figure out my new routine. Due to this I have not spent as much time with the little man as I would have liked too. I have continued to work with the pole to build his confidence with people in different areas of his body. I can stand right next to him, but he is still not game enough to allow me to touch him anywhere other than on the nose. I have come to understand that a lot of Bago’s discomfort around people and objects is caused by movement. If I move very slowly and stay mostly still he will haply be around me, but any sign of movement and he feels he needs to get away. This is what I am planning on working on next week. I will slowly build to moving more using approach and retreat. A little movement, back off again, a little movement, a little faster, back off again. Hopefully once he is confidant with movement I can begin more thorough training and look at getting a halter on, because nether of these things can be done if I am frozen to one spot!

The photo below was taken last week but I thought I was pretty cute so decided to include it. Please excuse my muddy cloths!

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