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VBA Bago week 7

This week has continued on successfully from where last week ended. Within the first few days of this week I started teaching Bago to move from pressure using a stick and string and soon had a halter on him and was teaching him to lead.  He has taken to this nicely, however in the first session I got a little ambitious and decided I would take Bago out of the yard for a graze. While this did not go to plan and Bago got a little worked up, in the end it was a good experience where he learnt that reacting to pressure is not a good idea and it is far more effective to respond to it. He seemed to walk away from the situation unscathed. The next day he happily wore a halter again and started learning to pick his feet up and be brushed as well as more leading.

In our final session for the week it took under a minute to put the halter on, it was a short but successful session. We continued to work on what we had been doing earlier in the week by the end of the session I could brush along his neck, back, flanks, hips and a little way down his legs. I also started teaching Bago the backup we only go a step or two, but I was happy with that. We also played the friendly game throwing the rope over his neck. Back and forth, back and forth until he could stand calmly with me doing this on both sides. This week we have made fantastic progress, these new skills have caused his confidence to skyrocket, he is much more trusting in me and is keen to meet new people. Next week I would like to be able to take Bago out of the yard again, this time with more success. I would also like to get his haltering good enough that I can let him out in the paddock and maybe we can begin working with some obstacles.