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Follow Holley and VBA Bago on their journey!

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VBA Bago week 9

This week has not been as productive as our previous weeks. I have continued to work with Bago on his basic skills such as leading, picking up feet, haltering, grooming etc. but with limited time I have not done as much as I would have liked to. These are all the skills Bago will need to be successful with humans and are also necessary to ensure he can be handled by a vet or farrier to keep his health up to date. By the end of next week, I would really like these skills to be firmly in place, so I can start training him more advanced and complicated skills.

Bago and I had a chance to venture outside the yard this week. This was our first explore of the paddock. As we walked around the paddock I was very impressed with the skills Bago had learnt. He was soft off the halter and was able to walk through drains with water in them, around jumps and poles as well as having a graze from time to time. Midway through the session something startled Bago, I was not expecting this, and he easily pulled the rope from my hand. While this was a mistake on my part for not paying close enough attention I was very impressed that after getting away from what ever was so scary Bago was able to stop and stand quietly until I got a hold of his lead rope again. This was very impressive and made me proud as he was able to trust me even when he had been worried. Compared to the horse who only a few weeks ago would barely let me touch him this was a reminder of just how much progress he has made. This week’s photo is from Bago’s trip outside the yard.

Over the course of this week Bago has also had lots of visitors. These have included, family members, Baxter our pet dog and some of the other horses on the property. Bago has been very friendly and confident with all his visitors and seems to have become a very social little horse!